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Applications to monitor WhatsApp: complete control and security in your hands


Carol Torres


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Have you ever thought about the amount of information we share every day on WhatsApp? With the increasing use of this messaging application, the need to keep an eye on these conversations increases, whether for security or other reasons. Today, let's look at some apps that help you monitor WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in Brazil to exchange messages, photos and videos, which is why there is an interest in tools that allow you to monitor these conversations. Let's talk about some of the best-known apps and how to use them ethically and legally.

While reading, you will discover how these applications work and the precautions that should be taken. We will also cover the risks associated with using spy apps and ways to protect yourself. If you are interested in monitoring, this article is for you.

Quick answer

Wondering how to monitor conversations on WhatsApp safely and legally? Discover apps like mSpy, FlexiSPY and Hoverwatch, which help you with this. It is important to follow ethics and make sure you have permission from the owner of the device. Be careful with the risks and always comply with the law to avoid complications. Be careful and responsible to ensure everyone's safety.

Best apps to monitor WhatsApp

Looking for apps to monitor WhatsApp can leave you with several options. Some are better known and have advanced features. Let's talk about some of the best ones you can find. Let's see what each offers and how you can use them.


mSpy is very famous when it comes to monitoring cell phones, including WhatsApp. It allows you to track location via GPS, monitor calls and messages, record everything typed, block websites and applications, and even send alerts by keywords. You can use it on both iOS and Android devices.

To install on iOS, you can do it remotely via iCloud, as long as backup is enabled. On Android, you will need to have the device on hand to install. Prices range from R$ 114 to R$ 187 per month depending on the plan you choose. It is worth remembering that you need the device owner's permission to use mSpy.


FlexiSPY is another popular option for those who need more detailed WhatsApp control. It offers advanced features such as call logging, message capture, media monitoring and ambient recording. And the best thing is that it works on Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows.

FlexiSPY plans vary a lot and it is one of the most expensive because of the features it offers. But always remember to have the device owner's consent to use FlexiSPY, without forgetting privacy laws.


Hoverwatch is widely used for parental control, monitoring WhatsApp messages, location and calls. It also allows you to track location via GPS, monitor calls and messages, capture photos and view browsing history. It is compatible with Android, Windows and Mac.

Hoverwatch plans are cheaper compared to other apps. But use must be with consent, making it a good option for those who want to have parental control.

Care and legality

Using a spy app requires extra attention to some rules to avoid legal problems. These applications must be used ethically, always with the permission of the device owner. Thinking about the legality of using these programs is essential to avoid complications later on.

Spyware installation methods

To install a spy app, you generally need to have physical access to the person's cell phone. This is necessary most of the time. Another way is through phishing, sending a dangerous link for the person to click. This method is more discreet, but it is still dangerous.

Signs that a spy app is installed

Observing some signs can be useful to know if there is a spy app on your cell phone. If you notice that the battery is running out faster, cell phone usage has increased or the device is getting too hot, these could be clear signs of a problem. Paying attention to these signs is important for your safety.

Spyware removal solutions

If you suspect that there is spyware on your device, some actions can help resolve the situation. One of them is to reinstall the operating system, which eliminates any spy apps. Another option is to use a reliable antivirus, which can detect and remove these programs effectively.

Steps to follow after falling for a scam on WhatsApp

If you have fallen for a scam on WhatsApp, it is important to act quickly to reduce losses. First, inform your contacts about the situation so that other people are not scammed, explain that your number has been hacked and ask them to be alert for suspicious messages.

Filing a police report (BO) is another important step. You can go to the nearest police station or register the police report online, if this service exists in your region. Having an official record may be necessary to resolve future problems and prove that fraud occurred.

Also ask your contacts to block and report your number on WhatsApp, this helps make it more difficult for your account to be misused. Then, contact WhatsApp support via email, send a copy of the BO and ask them to deactivate the hacked account.


WhatsApp monitoring apps can be very useful, especially for parental control and other legitimate purposes. However, always remember that it is crucial to use these tools ethically and legally, so respecting the privacy of others should be a priority.

Ethical and legal use of these applications requires that you obtain the consent of the person whose device will be monitored, thereby avoiding legal problems and ensuring that everyone is aware of the monitoring. It is worth remembering that it is important to pay attention to local privacy laws so as not to break any rules.

Also be aware of the risks associated with incorrect use of these technologies, after all, protecting yourself against abuse is essential. In this sense, use these applications responsibly and conscientiously, thus ensuring the security and privacy of everyone involved.

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