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How to get a black card?


Carol Torres


How to get a black card

Have one black card It is, without a doubt, the dream of many. These cards are seen as icons of luxury and exclusivity in the financial world, but it is important to highlight that they are not accessible to everyone. Before considering applying for a black card, it is essential to understand its advantages and the criteria needed to qualify.

Generally, to be eligible, you must have a high annual income or significant investments with the financial institution. In general, each bank has its own rules, so be careful to understand these details and see if they are relevant to you.

Read on to explore the eligibility criteria and what processes are required to apply. Knowing these criteria is the first step for anyone looking to increase their financial status and take advantage of the benefits of a black card.

Quick answer

If you want to have a black card and take advantage of its exclusive benefits, such as VIP lounges at airports and extra points in loyalty programs, remember that you need to have a higher income and maintain a good relationship with the bank. Make sure you pay your bills on time and consider making investments with the financial institution, as this may improve your chances of approval. Review the different options and choose a card that aligns with your lifestyle and financial needs.

What is a black card?

How to get a black card - Source: Reproduction
How to get a black card – Source: Reproduction

Imagine having a credit card that goes beyond the conventional, offering a series of exclusive privileges and advantages. This is the black card, a symbol of status and sophistication aimed at high-income customers. With it, the benefits are different and much more comprehensive than those offered by common cards.

Points accumulated from expenses on the black card can be exchanged for various prizes, such as luxurious trips, designer products and unique and memorable experiences. In addition, cardholders enjoy VIP treatment, which reflects the exclusivity of the card.

Available at the main financial institutions, each with its specific criteria and unique benefits, it is crucial to choose the black card that best suits your lifestyle and financial needs.

Having a black card means enjoying convenience and exclusivity in your daily life, so it is important to know all the details of how it can enrich your routine. It's worth exploring the possibilities and advantages that come with this premium card.

Advantages of the black card

More than simply making purchases, people who use a black card have a series of privileges available, from accumulating points in mileage programs to diversified insurance that offers security in various situations.

Those who travel frequently, for example, can benefit from access to VIP lounges at airports, which makes waiting for flights a relaxing and comfortable experience. Concierge services, which help plan events and trips, and high cashback on purchases are just some of the advantages that make this card so coveted. Let's check out a list of benefits that most black cards offer:

  • More advantageous points and miles programs;
  • VIP lounges at airports;
  • Concierge for organizing events and trips;
  • More attractive cashback;
  • Various insurance, including travel and shopping;
  • Promotional campaigns and exclusive offers.

See how, depending on your needs and how you use your credit card, these benefits can be extremely valuable. If you spend in dollars or want to accumulate points to travel, for example, a black card can be an excellent ally. 

Who can apply for a black card?

How to get a black card - Source: Reproduction
How to get a black card – Source: Reproduction

Requesting a black card is generally reserved for a specific group of customers, mainly those with a high income or a considerable volume of investments. It is important to know the eligibility criteria for applying for this type of card, which can vary greatly between financial institutions.

Below is a list of some common requirements you should consider. However, it is crucial to remember that each bank has its own specific criteria. Therefore, the ideal is to consult directly with the financial institution of your choice to understand exactly what is needed to qualify for a black card.

Eligibility Criteria

Most financial institutions require applicants to have a high monthly income, often set well above the national average. This criterion ensures that the customer can bear the high expenses and annual fees associated with the black card.

Black card holders are often people who spend significant amounts through their credit cards, so an excellent credit history is crucial. 

Invitation vs. direct request

Some banks may only offer black cards to long-time customers or those who have other types of financial relationships, such as investment accounts or significant loans, with the institution.

In certain cases, black cards are exclusive and available by invitation only. Some institutions also allow current black card holders to nominate new candidates.

Maintaining a good relationship with the bank

Having a good relationship with the bank is key for the institution to trust you to grant a black card. This means operating your account regularly, investing through the bank and, of course, paying your bills on time. 

A clean record is an indication of trust and financial responsibility, which can open doors to this and other exclusive financial products. Remember to check the options and conditions offered by different financial institutions and find the one that best suits your consumption habits and financial capacity.

How to get a black card?

The first step to getting a black card is to have a good credit history. This means that you need to pay your bills on time and have a good score with credit protection agencies. One scorIt's tall It shows banks that you are committed to your finances and are a low-risk customer.

Build a solid relationship with financial institutions. This can be done by starting with simpler cards and demonstrating good management, which can include everything from frequency of use to paying the bill in full before the due date. 

To increase your chances of being approved, it is also worth keeping an eye on investments in the banking institution. For example, C6 Bank has an offer to waive the annual fee for the C6 Carbon card for those who invest in CDBs from R$ 50,000. 

The black card possibilities are varied, so always check the details and the best option for your profile. With dedication and attention to your finances, you will be able to meet the requirements and have a great chance of getting a black card.

Other cost-effective credit card options

Even though the black card is full of advantages, it is important to remember that There are other options on the market that also offer good benefits. and may be better suited to what you need. Platinum or Gold cards, for example, have a lower annual cost and still have rewards such as points accumulation and travel insurance.

When evaluating each card, it is essential to compare the cost with the benefits provided. It may be that a black card with no annual fee does not offer all the benefits of a black card that charges for the service, so considering what is most valuable for your daily life is essential.

Banco Inter offers the Inter black card, which has the advantage of not charging an annual fee. However, it does not include benefits such as unlimited access to VIP lounges. The Santander black card, despite having an annual fee, offers several exclusive services, which can be attractive if you frequently use these benefits. 

Therefore, studying and choosing the card that best fits your financial routine is a very important step.


Obtaining a black card is an achievement that can offer several advantages and a more comfortable and exclusive lifestyle. However, as we have seen, access to this type of card is limited to a specific group of customers who meet strict eligibility criteria. 

Certainly, having a black card can significantly enrich your financial and personal life, but it is essential to consider all the aspects and commitments that this implies. Always remember that, in addition to black cards, there are other options on the market that may be equally advantageous and suited to your profile and needs.

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