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How to organize your pantry like a pro


Carol Torres


People often forget the importance of organizing their pantry, but it is an important part of keeping your kitchen running smoothly. An organized pantry not only makes meal preparation easier, but it also saves time and money by reducing food waste. In this guide, we explore some great ways to organize your pantry like a pro, making the most of your space and functionality.

Why organizing your pantry is important
A disorganized pantry can frustrate you and make your kitchen less efficient. If you organize your pantry properly, you can:

Take less time: Easily find supplies and ingredients while cooking.
Keep track of when something goes wrong and don’t buy the same thing twice to avoid waste.
Maximize space: Utilize every inch of your pantry so you have room for new items.
Improve accessibility: Place different types of items in different storage areas so they are easier to find and access.
Take a look at your pantry
Before you start organizing, take a moment to carefully examine your pantry. Consider these factors:

View layout and dimensions
Measure your pantry to see how big it is. This will help you figure out how much storage space you have.

Find a place to store your belongings
Write down the names of any shelves, drawers or cabinets built into the pantry. Check out the layout to see how to make the most of each storage space.

Clean out your pantry
The first thing you should do when organizing your pantry is to throw out items that are outdated or no longer needed. Do these things:

put things in order
Take everything in your pantry and put it into groups, such as snacks, cereals, canned goods and spices.

Throw away old or unused items
Check the dates on food and throw away anything that has spoiled or expired. Donate items that you no longer need or that are still sealed and will not spoil.

How to choose the best storage option
Shop storage solutions to help you organize and make the most of your pantry:

Shelf selection
To make the most of your vertical space, you may want to add more adjustable shelves or racks.

Containers and bins
Use clear containers and bowls to store bulk items such as cereal, pasta and snacks. Placing items this way keeps them organized and easy to see.

racks and hooks
Place racks or hooks on the inside of the pantry doors to hang items such as measuring cups, aprons and oven mitts.

Sort and group things
After you’ve decluttered and decided how to store your items, you can organize the items in your pantry into groups:

putting similar things together
Grouping similar things together will help you find them faster. Place all canned goods in one area and baking supplies in the other.

Use tags to make things easier to find
By labeling bins and shelves, you and your family can quickly find what you need. You may want to use a labeling system that contains both text and images.

Make optimal use of space
These tips can help you make the most of your pantry:

Make use of vertical space
To make the most of your vertical storage space, install shelves or racks from floor to ceiling.

Use door organizers
Hanging shelves above doors can be used to store small kitchen tools, herbs and spices.

Use stackable storage solutions
To make the most of your shelf space, choose stackable bins or baskets.

Set up maintenance system
Set a regular time to keep your pantry organized:

Develop a reorganization routine
You should plan to review and reorganize your pantry every month. This will help keep things from getting messy over time.

Check the expiration dates regularly
Make it a habit to check the expiration date regularly and immediately throw away anything that is past its expiration date.

Change the organization if necessary
Be prepared to make changes to your organizational systems as your needs or preferences change.

Advice on how to stay organized
These tips can help you keep your pantry organized:

Implement a ‘first in, first out’ policy
Set it so that the old one is used before the new one. This will reduce food waste.

Make a list of things you need to buy
Keep a list of the items you need to stock your pantry. This will help you remember things and not buy too much.

How to choose eco-friendly storage options
Instead of single-use plastic containers, choose containers that can be used multiple times and are made from materials such as glass or bamboo.

Get organized to prevent food waste
If your pantry is well organized, food that would otherwise go to waste is less likely to be lost or forgotten.

Affordable way to organize things
Use these tips to organize your pantry without spending a lot of money:

Storage of old things
You can use things you already have, like mason jars or shoe boxes, in new ways to store things.

How to organize things yourself
You can find do-it-yourself organization programs online that will help you create inexpensive storage solutions.

Find ideas and inspiration
Here are ideas for organizing your pantry:

Research online tools and resources
Check out the websites, blogs and social media pages of other home organizers for ideas, tips and tricks.

How to get ideas from social media
On Instagram or Pinterest you can find ideas and inspiration by searching hashtags like #pantryorganization or #kitchenstorage.

Successful case studies for food pantry renovation
You can get ideas and motivation by reading articles from people who have successfully organized food banks.

In summary
If you have the right tips and tools, you can organize your pantry like a pro. By measuring your space, getting rid of unnecessary items, and using smart storage ideas, you can create a pantry that looks beautiful, is functional, and makes meal prep easy.

FAQ: How often should I clean out my pantry?

To keep your pantry clean and usable, go through it and rearrange its contents at least once a month.
What should I do with spoiled food in my pantry?

The right way to dispose of old stuff is to compost or throw it away. You may want to donate unopened, non-perishable items to the food bank.
Do you know of some eco-friendly ways to organize your food supply?

Yes, you can store items in an eco-friendly way, such as glass or bamboo containers, and reduce food waste by keeping your pantry organized.
How do you make optimal use of the space in your pantry?

To make the most of every inch, use shelving or shelving to make the most of vertical space, use stackable storage solutions and consider door organizers.
Why should you store pantry items in clear containers?

You can see what’s in the clear containers, making it easy to find items and keep your pantry organized.

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