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Application to block unwanted calls: the best options


Carol Torres


Application to block unwanted calls

You know those moments when your cell phone doesn't stop ringing with calls that you have no idea where they're coming from? Well, call blocking apps could be the solution to give you more peace of mind. Nowadays, with the increase in spam calls, having an application like this is almost a necessity.

Telemarketing calls, scams or unknown numbers are all blocked by these applications. Statistics show that millions of spam calls are made every day and certainly, a good call blocking app is not only important but also helps save time.

There are several applications available for download that can warn you when the call is not really important. If you are one of those people who are tired of receiving these calls, apps will undoubtedly help you.

Types of unwanted calls

Application to block unwanted calls: the best options - Source: Freepik
Application to block unwanted calls: the best options – Source: Freepik

Who has never received a spam call in their life, right? If it were just one, the stress wouldn't be so great, but unfortunately these calls are made en masse to countless people. 

Telemarketing is another type of unwanted call made for sales purposes and can be carried out by companies trying to sell their products or services. Another example is phone scams that are intended to deceive the recipient and are usually carried out by people trying to obtain personal or financial information from the recipient. 

Finally, calls from private numbers are those made by numbers not identified by the recipient, they can be disruptive and negatively impact your privacy.

Best Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and Spam

Call blocking apps are effective tools to prevent these calls from interrupting your day. According to research, the volume of spam calls has grown considerably, but fortunately, there are efficient solutions that can help solve this problem.

These applications serve as a shield, and the best thing is that there are several options and you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Look:


Known worldwide for its efficient caller identification system, TrueCaller not only identifies who is calling, but also blocks spam calls efficiently. With a giant database, it is capable of recognizing suspicious numbers and offering extra protection.

It has an intuitive interface that makes configuring the app a simple process, and once it's up and running, it works in the background, ensuring that only important and necessary calls reach you.

Compatibility and Price

As for its compatibility, it is available for both Android and iOS. Installation is free, but there are premium features that can be purchased within the app itself. 

These extras include ad-free blocking of unwanted calls and advanced contact list search. If it has piqued your interest, simply click on one of the links below and you will be redirected to the download page.

App link on Google Play Store

App link in the Apple Store


Whoscall is a strong candidate when it comes to identifying and blocking nuisance calls. It has an updated database with more than 2.6 billion numbers to provide users with accurate information about the origin of calls. 

With it, you can block unwanted calls, as well as search phone numbers directly in the app to identify unknown calls and check if a number is known for making spam or scam calls.

Compatibility and Price

Available for both Android and iOS, Whoscall can be downloaded for free. The free version already offers excellent protection, but the Premium version brings even more features for those who want to maximize their privacy and not be bothered by unwanted calls and messages.

App link on Google Play Store

App link in the Apple Store

Call Blocker

Call Blocker focuses on blocking unwanted calls without complications. With a straightforward and clutter-free interface, it is perfect for those looking for a quick solution.

With it, you have complete control over who can and cannot contact you. Creating blacklists is done intuitively, ensuring that unwanted numbers no longer disturb your day. 

Compatibility and Price

The application is available for Android and iOS. The basic version of Call Blocker is free, and additional features can be purchased within the app. 

App link on Google Play Store

App link in the Apple Store


Application to block unwanted calls: the best options - Source: Freepik
Application to block unwanted calls: the best options – Source: Freepik

If you spend most of your day being bothered by unwanted calls, the applications responsible for blocking these calls are without a doubt an indispensable resource.

When searching for apps, it is important to check reviews from other users, as this can help determine the quality and efficiency of the app. It is also important to check that it is safe and that there are no reports of problems with its reliability.

We hope that all the tips were useful and that they helped you choose the application that best meets your needs!

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