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Application for checking vehicle license plates: see how it works and the best options


Carol Torres


Application to check vehicle license plate

Do you need to check the legal status of a car you want to buy or check if your vehicle has any fines? If so, know that applications for checking vehicle license plates are popular among vehicle owners, with them you can investigate a variety of information.

They use official databases to obtain accurate and up-to-date vehicle information and are especially useful for those who want to check the history of a vehicle before purchasing it, or simply to obtain information about a friend's, family member's or their own car. .

There are several applications available for checking vehicle license plates, but it is important to choose a reliable and safe one, as some may be unreliable or provide inaccurate information. Continue reading to check out the best!

How license plate inquiry applications work

Application for checking vehicle license plates: see how it works and the best options - Source: Reproduction
Application for checking vehicle license plates: see how it works and the best options – Source: Reproduction

In short, when the user requests a license plate check, the apps search for the corresponding information in public databases.

Technology and support for iOS and Android

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, there is sure to be an app available for your device, as they offer full support for the main mobile platforms on the market.

FIPE board and table query

The information that apps consult and make available can include the brand, model, color, year of manufacture, vehicle condition and history of fines. However, many of them allow you to consult the FIPE table, which is an important reference for anyone who wants to buy or sell a car.

Others also check whether the vehicle has legal issues, fines or administrative restrictions; and to use them, you just need to have quick access to the license plate of the vehicle in question.

Information available in applications

The information they make available may vary from app to app, but generally includes:

Vehicle data

Basic information about the vehicle, such as model, brand, year and color, or more detailed information, such as the year of manufacture and chassis number.

History of debts and fines

They also provide information on debts and traffic fines associated with the vehicle, being useful for those who are buying a used vehicle, as they help to check whether it has outstanding debts or outstanding fines.

Restrictions and licensing

Some may provide information about restrictions and licensing of the vehicle, stating whether it has any judicial or administrative restrictions, such as a seizure order or a judicial block. 

Security and reliability

Despite being an essential tool for anyone who wants to check information about a specific vehicle, it is important that they are safe and reliable, in order to guarantee your privacy and data.

Privacy and respect for the user

It is important that they are transparent about the information collected and the use of that information, and follow data privacy laws and regulations.

SINESP Citizen

SINESP Cidadão is an official government tool that allows you to check the situation of vehicle theft or theft quickly and safely. With just a few clicks, you can access information directly from public security databases.

It stands out for its authority and reliability, as it is maintained by the National Public Security Information System itself. The interface is simple and objective, making it easy to consult even for those who are not very familiar with technology.

Available for both Android and iOS, SINESP Cidadão has 10 million downloads, which reinforces its popularity and usefulness. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to verify the origin of a vehicle in an official and reliable way.

App link on Google Play Store

App link in the Apple Store

Detran Board Consultation 

Application for checking vehicle license plates: see how it works and the best options - Source: Freepik
Application for checking vehicle license plates: see how it works and the best options – Source: Freepik

Some state Detrans offer their own applications for checking license plates, which can be very useful. With them, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the vehicle's status, including debts such as IPVA and fines.

The advantage of using a Detran application is having access to official and updated data directly from the source. The interface is usually straightforward and functional, allowing quick and hassle-free consultations.

They are generally available for download in the Android and iOS app stores. The presence of a Detran app on your cell phone is a guarantee that you will always have reliable information at hand.

Criteria for choosing a good app

When looking for an application to check a car's license plate, reliability is the main pillar, after all, you need to have accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicle in question. 

A good app must have an intuitive interface, which guides you clearly and directly to the information you need. Furthermore, it must be light and fast, so as not to take up too many resources on your device.

Last but not least, make sure the app is constantly updated. An app that is not regularly updated can quickly become obsolete, compromising the quality of the information provided. 

How to download and install applications

First, go to your smartphone's app store, be it the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Then, use the search bar to find what you chose. You can also click on the links provided below the apps presented, this way, you will be redirected directly to the download.

Once you have found it, click “Install” and wait for the download and installation to complete. It's important to ensure you have a stable internet connection during this process to avoid interruptions or crashes.

After installation, open the application and you will generally be asked to accept some terms of use or to grant necessary permissions for the app to function correctly. And that's it, you can now start making your license plate inquiries!


Whether you want to check your vehicle's information or find out the legal status of a car you want to buy, applications for checking license plates will come in handy.

We hope these tips were useful and helped you carry out a quick and hassle-free vehicle check!

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