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Nesting Program 2024 – See how it works


Carol Torres


Neighborhood Program 2024

Have you ever heard of the Nesting Program? Created by Law No. 14,818, on January 16, 2024, this is an initiative that seeks to change the reality of many young people in Brazil. With an annual investment of R$ 7.1 billion, it has the potential to make a difference in the lives of 2.5 million public school secondary students.

The focus of this program is to provide a way to combat social differences through education and represents an important tool for you, the student, who seeks to complete your studies and build a better future. 

The Pé-de-Meia Program not only values your presence in the classroom, it also offers financial support to help you along the way. Do you want to know how this help works and if you can be one of the beneficiaries? Continue reading! 

Quick answer

Looking for a way to persist in your studies despite financial challenges? Discover the Pé-de-Meia Program, which supports you with financial incentives if you are a public school student and have low income. To receive it, you must be registered with CadÚnico and have good performance and school attendance. You can accumulate up to R$ 9,200.00 during high school to help you advance your education. Stay informed and don't miss this chance to receive the benefit directly into your savings.

What is the Nest Egg Program?

Pé-de-Meia 2024 Program - See how it works - Source: Reproduction
Pé-de-Meia 2024 Program – See how it works – Source: Reproduction

O Neighborhood Program It is an effort by the Federal Government to ensure that you have one more reason to dedicate yourself to your studies. You will be able to dedicate yourself to your studies while receiving financial support to help with your daily life. 

To make it even clearer: the objective of the program is to promote the retention and completion of school for enrolled students, so that no one leaves school due to financial difficulties.

Starting March 26, 2024, if you are an eligible student, you will begin receiving benefits. These incentives are deposited directly into a savings account, and you can use them to cover school supplies, transportation or even help around the house.

This stage of implementing the program by Ministry of Education (MEC) is an important milestone for public secondary education in Brazil, because by participating in it, you not only advance in your educational journey, but also have the opportunity to build a financial base that will be very useful in the future. 

Who can receive the Nest Egg?

The Program is aimed at you who are a low-income student, who is between 14 and 24 years old, and is enrolled in regular public high school. 

In addition to being enrolled, to participate in the program, your family must be registered in the Single Registration for Social Programs (CadÚnico). If your family is already a beneficiary of the Bolsa Família Program, this also puts you in a priority position to receive the Nest Egg.

Knowing if you are eligible is easy: the Ministry of Education (MEC) has information on who can participate. If your name is on the list of students who can benefit, it means that you have already met the necessary requirements to receive this help.

Financial-educational incentives of the Nesting Egg Program

The Pé-de-Meia Program offers different types of financial incentives to support you during your time in high school. Understand how each one works:

  • Enrollment Incentive: When ensuring your enrollment in secondary school, you receive a one-time payment of R$ 200.00, an initial aid to start the school year well;
  • Frequency Incentive: Attending classes is super important, and to motivate you even more, the program gives R$ 1,800.00 per year, divided into installments, as long as you maintain the minimum required attendance;
  • Incentive Conclusion: When you successfully complete the school year, there is another reward waiting for you. An amount of R$ 1,000.00 is deposited to celebrate your dedication;
  • ENEM incentive: If you do National High School Examination (ENEM), you get an additional incentive of R$ 200.00 to help with exam preparation.

Adding all these values, throughout high school, you can accumulate up to R$ 9,200.00 in your savings. Thus, the Pé-de-Meia program not only encourages you to continue studying, but also helps you save a good amount of money in the bank. 

Conditions for receiving the benefit

In order for you to take advantage of this help, there are some conditions that are essential. The first is to have a minimum school attendance of 80% – meaning you must attend classes and show your commitment to your studies. 

Another condition is to end the year with approval in the subjects, that is, it is not enough to just attend classes; it is also necessary to obtain good results. Additionally, for some of the incentives, it is necessary to participate in educational exams such as ENEM. 

And of course, for students under 18, it is mandatory to have the authorization of their legal guardian and also to have their own CPF. This is a way for the program to ensure that savings are safe and that the benefit is granted correctly.

Application process

If you are a high school student and meet the program criteria, the Ministry of Education (MEC) will automatically identify your eligibility – this means that No sign-up process is required on your part!

However, of course, you need to be aware and informed. When the MEC selects you, they will use the information from the Single Registration for Federal Government Social Programs (CadÚnico) to check if you meet the requirements. 

To follow this stage, the MEC made the Jornada do Estudante app available, with which it is easy to check your situation and understand how the Pé-de-Meia program works. To access the application, simply search for it in your cell phone's application stores. 

Once downloaded, just enter your personal data and follow all the information about your participation in the Pé-de-Meia program. 


Finally, you discovered how the Nesting Program works and how it can be a great ally in your high school journey. You also saw that it offers various forms of financial incentives, created precisely to motivate you to continue on your educational journey. 

In 2024, students already enrolled in high school will begin to receive installments from the program, which will be a supplement to their savings at each completed stage of their school journey. This incentive program, more than strengthening school retention and completion, reaffirms the importance of access to basic education as a right for everyone. 

Therefore, stay tuned to the Student Journey and information about the Pé-de-Meia program, so as not to miss this opportunity to grow and advance, always having education as your ally!

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