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How to receive forgotten money?


Carol Torres


How to receive forgotten money

Discovering that you have money forgotten in financial institutions can be an extremely pleasant surprise. Thanks to the Central Bank's Receivable Values System (SVR), it is possible to check if there is any forgotten amount in your bank accounts. 

These forgotten amounts often come from inactive bank accounts, unclaimed tax refunds or insurance. At first, the process for redeeming these amounts may seem complicated, but it is actually simpler than you might think. 

Don't miss the chance to find out if you have outstanding amounts waiting to be redeemed. Continue reading and understand better how you can benefit from this system and increase your savings with little effort.

Quick answer

To check if there is money forgotten in your name at financial institutions, access the Central Bank website with your CPF, account (silver or gold level), and follow the step-by-step instructions to check. If you find values, request a free and safe return, and you can receive it via Pix. Remember, the process is free and protected against scams; avoid providing data on unofficial channels.

What are the amounts receivable?

How to receive forgotten money - Source: Reproduction
How to receive forgotten money – Source: Reproduction

Amounts receivable are amounts that for some reason ended up forgotten in banks or other financial institutions and that belong to you or your company. This system allows you to identify and recover amounts from different sources, such as inactive accounts, undue charges that were reversed and tax credits, for example.

Imagine that you might have money from a checking account that you never used again and ended up forgetting to close, or from an investment that paid off and was not redeemed. Therefore, checking the amounts receivable is an important step towards getting back something that is yours. It's worth checking out and seeing if there's anything waiting for your rescue.

Who can use the service?

The Central Bank system was created to help both individuals and legal entities find and receive values that may be forgotten. This system is a tool that helps you consult and retrieve what is rightfully yours. 

How to check amounts receivable with CPF?

Find out if you have amounts to receive It's a simple process and can bring you a good surprise. With the CPF in hand, access the official website created by the Central Bank to carry out the consultation.

When you access the Central Bank website to see what might be waiting for you, you will realize that the process is very straightforward. With your account, which is a citizen's unique digital identity, access to personal data is protected and prevents fraud. Therefore, keep your data updated and follow these steps:

  • Access the website Amounts Receivable. This is the only website where you can consult information safely;
  • Enter your CPF and date of birth, or CNPJ and date of opening the company, depending on your situation;
  • Check if there is a message indicating amounts to be received. If so, follow the instructions provided on the website to find out how to return the amounts.

How to receive money forgotten in banks?

After making the inquiry and discovering that you have amounts to receive, the next step is to request this refund following the instructions below:

  • After finding amounts receivable, click on “Request refund”;
  • Choose the receipt option;
  • Confirm the data and, if everything is correct, complete the request;
  • Wait up to 12 business days and check your account to make sure the money has been received.

Remember that this service is completely free. So, you don't need to pay any amount to request the recovery of forgotten money. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to keep your banking and personal details up to date. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact directly the institution that appears in the system as responsible for the amount to be received. 

Beware of scams

Unfortunately, where there is a chance to find money, there are also malicious individuals trying to carry out scams. To keep you safe during the process of consulting and retrieving your forgotten money, it is important to remember that the service offered by the Central Bank it is free

While you are searching for the money that may be waiting for you, keep an eye out for suspicious emails, texts or calls. The Central Bank of Brazil does not send links directly to your inbox or ask for personal information through unofficial channels. If you receive something like this, do not click or provide your details!

If any questions arise or if you need help, it is best to contact the institution that appears in the receivables system directly or access the Central Bank website for more information. This helps to ensure that you are following the right path, without the risk of falling for scams. 


By taking appropriate measures to consult and redeem forgotten amounts, you can recover amounts that belong to you, improving your financial situation at no additional cost. This process, in addition to being simple, is safe, ensuring that your rights are respected and that your money returns to your pocket.

The most important thing is to remember that this entire process is safe and free of charge.

Remember, while searching for forgotten valuables, it is crucial to remain vigilant to avoid scams. Always use official channels and protect your personal information. 

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