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Free industrial mechanics course: learn the necessary skills without spending money


Carol Torres


Free industrial mechanics course

Nowadays, with the diverse possibilities that the internet offers us, it is possible to study and qualify in the Industrial Mechanics course, in the comfort of your home, combining your studies with other activities in your daily life.

In addition to flexible schedules, you save travel time, resources and even develop skills to use online tools. Studying online opens up many opportunities for professional and personal development.

There are several platforms that allow you to study online not only for the Mechanics course, but also for several other courses. Continue reading to find out about the best options. 

Fundamentals of industrial mechanics

Basic concepts and history

Industrial mechanics is a branch of engineering that focuses on the study of the movement, structure, and design of automated machines and systems. It emerged with the Industrial Revolution, a period in which man stopped using artisanal production methods and began to care about machine production methods.

Due to increasing automation and the need for efficient maintenance of industrial equipment, the demand for professionals in this field increases even further. Therefore, industrial mechanics represents an area with continuous employment and professional development opportunities.

Industrial mechanics is present in practically all sectors of industry, from food production to the manufacture of high-tech products. It is an area that requires technical knowledge and specific skills, which offers diverse job opportunities for qualified professionals.

Essential tools and equipment

Industrial mechanics use a series of tools and equipment to carry out their activities. It involves the efficient operation of machines, considering equipment wear, human errors and other factors, aiming to design machines and automated systems that are efficient, reliable and safe.

Some of the essential equipment are: 

  • Hand tools such as: screwdrivers, sledgehammers, wrenches, pliers, etc.;
  • Measuring and precision tools such as: calipers, micrometers, precision levels, bubble levels, etc.;
  • Electric tools such as: drill, sander, screwdriver, grinders, etc.;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Protective glasses, gloves, ear protectors, etc.

Course Components

The Industrial Mechanics course offers a wide range of technical and practical knowledge focused on the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment. Each school has its own teaching style, but the content is always the same.

They are made up of a series of modules that range from the fundamentals of industrial mechanics to more advanced topics, such as technical drawing, industrial electricity, workplace safety, maintenance of mechanical systems, etc.

Program content

An online industrial mechanics course covers essential fundamentals. For example, technical drawing is a crucial skill as it is the universal language of engineers and mechanics.

Understanding machines and tools is the heart of industrial mechanics. The courses offer detailed modules on how they work and how to maintain them.

Workplace safety is a top priority. The courses teach safe practices and how to avoid accidents. This knowledge is indispensable and lifesaving. So, briefly, the program contents will be:

  • Properties of steel and how it is made;
  • Understanding the thermal expansion of different materials;
  • Technical drawing;
  • Machining Process;
  • Pneumatics;
  • Hydraulics;
  • Hydraulic pumps;
  • Industrial electricity;
  • Industrial maintenence;
  • Operations with industrial machinery and equipment;

Certification and professional advancement

Obtaining a certificate is essential for anyone who wants to stand out in the field of industrial mechanics. The certificate proves that the student completed the course and acquired specific knowledge in the area.

However, the mechanical industry requires continuous improvement of skills and knowledge due to constant technological evolution. Below, we have separated for you some platforms that offer the industrial mechanics course, see:

Free online courses

Prime Cursos, a company specialized in distance learning associated with the Brazilian Association of Distance Education (ABED), is an excellent option for those who want to start the Industrial Mechanics course online and completely free of charge.
The process for signing up for the platform is simple and intuitive. Just follow the steps below to secure your spot:

  • Get in on official site from Prime Cursos;
  • Read the description of the industrial mechanics course to find out everything about the training and avoid surprises;
  • Click on “Subscribe for free” to register;
  • Now, fill in the requested fields with email, full name and create a password;
  • At this point, you will be ready to explore the program content and begin your studies.

Remembering that when choosing a platform and a course, it is important to consider your current level of knowledge. Also consider your learning objectives and whether the certification offered meets your professional needs, as there are different levels ranging from technical to advanced.


Studying online brings with it several advantages, one of which is the possibility of studying at your own pace, without having to worry about fixed schedules or travel. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for travel and saves resources.

The EaD teaching modality allows the student to be self-taught, that is, to learn on their own, without the need for a teacher present in the classroom. Be careful when choosing the platform where you will start your studies, it is recommended that you take into account all your objectives and needs.

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