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Free electrical engineering course: learn the basics of electricity without spending anything.


Carol Torres


Free electrical engineering course

Nowadays, with the diverse possibilities that the internet offers us, it is possible to study and qualify in the Electrical Engineering course in the comfort of your home, combining your studies with other activities in your daily life.

In addition to flexible schedules, you save travel time, resources and even develop skills to use online tools. Studying online opens up many opportunities for professional and personal development.

There are several platforms that allow you to study online not only for the Electrical Engineering course, but also for several other courses. Continue reading to find out about the best options. 

Fundamentals of electrical engineering

Electrotechnics is the area of electrical engineering that deals with the application of principles and laws of electricity in electrical and electronic systems. These technologies are essential in several industrial and service sectors, such as telecommunications, industrial automation, energy generation and distribution, and consumer electronics. 

The electrical technician is responsible for all stages of electrical energy transmission, with the aim of generating, transmitting, distributing and storing this energy (renewable or non-renewable).

Electricity and circuits

Electricity stands out for the existence and movement of electrical charges. This energy can be used in a variety of ways, from providing heat and light to powering engines and enabling electronic devices to operate.

As for an electrical circuit, it is a path through which these charges flow. They are made up of components that control, direct and use electrical energy.

Online course in Electrotechnics

Currently, there are several platforms that allow you to study anywhere, anytime and completely free of charge. Among these platforms is Pensar Cursos, which is a platform that offers a wide variety of free online courses in different areas of knowledge.

The professional course in Electrical Engineering is an excellent option, as the job market is quite diverse. There are opportunities across a range of sectors, from energy companies to manufacturing, telecommunications, automation and research centres, providing a range of career opportunities.

Methodology and programmatic content

An online electrical engineering course generally covers the fundamentals of electricity, electrical and electronic systems, different types of systems, safety at work, among others. 

Briefly, the main content covered will be:

  • Introduction to electricity;
  • Power of the tips;
  • control devices;
  • Circuits;
  • Ohm's Law;
  • Control and protection devices;
  • Electrical switching devices and controls;
  • Generation and distribution of electrical energy;

Benefits of the online electrical engineering course

Studying online allows you to study wherever you are, at any time, in addition to allowing you to save travel time. This is perfect for those who have a hectic routine and need to balance studies with other activities.

You'll also save on materials and tickets, as many resources are available digitally. And the best of all is being able to learn at your own pace, without rushing, absorbing the content better.

Areas of expertise

Electrical technicians can work in different areas, from electrical energy management companies to civil construction and industries. Below, we have separated some areas of activity to help you identify the one that best suits you. Look:

  • Information Technology (IT) and Computing;
  • Health as Medicine, Biomedicine and Biotechnology;
  • Engineering;
  • Environment and Sustainability;

And it doesn't stop there, there are several other areas that you can also explore. Choosing an area of activity must consider individual passions, skills and objectives, as well as the demands and opportunities of the job market.

Automation and electrical systems

These are some of the fundamental concepts in modern engineering. Automation is linked to the use of systems and resources that are controlled directly from a computer. Its objective is to increase efficiency, safety and reliability, as well as reduce operational costs. 

Electrical systems encompass a series of components and networks that generate, transmit and distribute electrical energy. 

These systems interact with each other, as while one depends on a reliable electrical infrastructure to function, the other contributes to more efficient and intelligent management of electrical systems. 


Electrical engineering professionals work on an incredible diversity of projects. Their knowledge and skills are applied from the development of small electronic devices to the design and maintenance of large electrical energy distribution systems.

The job market in the area is as broad as it is diverse. There are opportunities across a range of sectors, from energy companies to manufacturing, telecommunications, automation and research centers, providing a wide range of career opportunities.

You can find several online platforms that enable you to acquire technical skills in the field of electrical engineering. Choose platforms that offer free certification, as well as good support to help you with any questions.

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