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Free SENAC aesthetics technician course: how to sign up and take advantage of the opportunity


Carol Torres


Free SENAC aesthetics technician course

SENAC is a nationally renowned educational institution that stands out for offering a variety of courses with widely recognized certification, meaning that, upon completing the course, you will have a seal of quality that can open doors in the job market.

One of the most popular courses is the technical course in aesthetics, which prepares students to work in the area of beauty and personal care. It is completely free and can be carried out both in person and online, depending on the student's preference.

With a constantly growing market, the aesthetics and beauty area offers countless job and entrepreneurship opportunities. Continue reading and find out more information.

Application process and requirements

SENAC aesthetics technical course - Source: Pexels
SENAC aesthetics technical course – Source: Pexels

Registration for the technical aesthetics course can be made at SENAC website or on the unit itself. It is important to check the availability of vacancies in the desired region and find out about registration deadlines.

To enroll in the SENAC Technical Aesthetics Course through the SENAC Free Program, it is necessary to meet some eligibility criteria. Are they:

  • Be in at least the 2nd year of high school or have already completed it;
  • Be at least 18 years old;

Free eligibility criteria

The Senac Free Program – PSG aims to guarantee access to quality professional education for people whose monthly per capita family income does not exceed two minimum wages.

Low income status will be attested through self-declaration in accordance with the law, made using a single model, as available in the list of attachments on the website. Furthermore,

  • Be enrolled or have completed high school at a public school, or at a private institution with a full scholarship;
  • Being a worker, employed or unemployed;
  • Be a beneficiary or dependent on a beneficiary of the Bolsa Família Program or other Federal Government income transfer programs.

Required documentation

To prove your income and educational status, you must present the following documents:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of education;
  • Proof of income.

Online registration steps

After verifying that you meet the eligibility criteria and gathering the necessary documentation, you will need to follow the online registration steps, which are:

  • Access the SENAC website;
  • Choose the desired course;
  • Click on “Sign up”;
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal data and information about your income and education;
  • Attach the requested documents;
  • Finalize your registration.

After registering, the candidate must wait for the documentation to be analyzed and the result to be announced. If approved, you will need to attend SENAC to register and start the course.

Course structure and modalities

Program content

In the technical aesthetics course offered by SENAC, you will learn:

  • Perform facial procedures, such as skin cell renewal, lightening blemishes and reducing sebaceous secretion;
  • Perform body procedures, such as relaxation and well-being, reduction of subcutaneous fat and stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers;
  • Carry out administrative activities and organize the work environment in aesthetics;
  • Establish customer relationship strategies.

To find out more details about the course, visit the course plan

Career opportunities and job market

SENAC aesthetics technical course - Source: Pexels
SENAC aesthetics technical course – Source: Pexels

Areas of expertise

Professionals trained in the technical course in aesthetics can choose the area of activity that best meets their needs. There are several possibilities, such as:

  • Facial aesthetics;
  • Body aesthetics and massage;
  • Hair therapy;
  • Aesthetic consultancy;
  • Pre and post-surgical aesthetics;

Employability and trends

The job market for beauty professionals is very promising. According to the National Commercial Learning Service (SENAC), the employability of aesthetic technicians is high, with opportunities throughout the country.

Professionals can work in beauty clinics, spas, beauty salons, hotels, resorts, cruises, among other places.

The tendency is for the aesthetics market to continue growing in the coming years, driven by the increase in the population's life expectancy and the search for quality of life and well-being. 


With the growing search for beauty and aesthetic services, there is a great demand for qualified professionals in this area. Having a SENAC certificate on your resume is a differentiator that adds credibility to your professional career. 

This course not only teaches effective techniques, but also covers knowledge about the skin and the products used, preparing you for a promising career. Finally, stay engaged, as education is an ongoing journey, and every step you take is an achievement!

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