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Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success


Carol Torres


Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success

Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success

The Senac Young Apprentice Program is an initiative that opens doors for teenagers and young people to enter the job market, providing professional training that makes all the difference in an increasingly competitive environment. 

The Mandatory Professional Learning legislation is the foundation of the program, ensuring that medium and large companies hire a certain quota of apprentices, as a way of encouraging the professional training of young people in Brazil.

Are you interested in the program and want to know more details about how you can participate and what are the steps to become a Young Apprentice at Senac? Keep reading and discover how this opportunity can be transformative for your future!

Quick answer

If you are between 14 and 24 years old and looking for an opportunity to start your professional career, the Senac Young Apprentice Program could be perfect for you. The program combines theoretical classes at Senac with practice in companies, allowing you to study and work at the same time. With working hours of up to six hours, respecting your study time, you still have labor rights and the chance to build a solid foundation for your future. To participate, you must be studying or have completed basic education.

Who can be a Young Apprentice at Senac?

Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success - Source: Reproduction
Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success – Source: Reproduction

If you are between the ages of 14 and 24 and are enrolled and attending school, if If you have not completed high school, or even if you have already completed this stage, you can be a Young Apprentice at Senac

The program was created to help young people enter the job market while continuing to study and, as you know, professional training is essential to be able to develop practical skills. 

And Senac stands out for offering courses that can make a difference in your career. Just don't forget: to participate, you must be studying or have already completed basic education.

Young apprentice work regime

Your work regime will be different from a traditional job, being planned for be able to balance your studies at regular school with professional training offered by Senac. For this reason, the daily working hours are partial, with a maximum of six hours per day, so as not to interfere with school performance.

This workload is divided between practical activities at the company where you will be hired and theoretical classes at Senac, this is because the idea is to develop skills that will be useful both in the work environment and in academic life. 

This integration between theory and practice is what makes the Senac program such a special opportunity for those just starting out in the job market. Remembering that the program is fully aligned with the legislation, offering young people the chance to develop while complying with all labor and social security rights. 

It is worth noting that the employment contract usually has a duration in accordance with the terms of the apprenticeship course, normally between 11 and 23 months, so, with the end of the course at Senac, the apprenticeship contract also ends – but with a baggage that will open doors in the future.

Benefits of the young apprentice program

Thinking about the opportunity to enter the job market, the program is designed to really make a difference in your journey. Let's talk about the most important benefits you will have as a young apprentice:

  • Registration in portfolio: Starting your professional life already registered is quite an achievement, meaning that your performance in the company is officially recognized;
  • Labor and social security rights: As an apprentice, you are guaranteed labor rights, guaranteeing paid holidays, 13th salary and FGTS payment;
  • Minimum hourly wage: Upon being hired, the young apprentice receives, at least, a salary proportional to the hours worked, respecting the value of the national minimum wage;
  • basic education: It is important to highlight that the program encourages you to stay in school or return to studies if you have not completed high school. 

And of course, you cannot forget the training you will receive at Senac, a renowned institution recognized throughout the job market for its high-quality courses.

Stay tuned for this opportunity and take advantage of it to take a significant step in building your future!

Employment contract

When you start in the program, an employment contract is signed to formalize your relationship with the company and Senac. This has a set period of time, which generally follows the duration of the professional training course offered by the institution. 

Know that the legislation provides specific rules for learning during the contract period. For example, the working hours must be in harmony with your study schedule, and the proposed activities are designed to contribute to your theoretical and practical training.

The company hires you as an apprentice, but all professional training is the responsibility of Senac – an institute that already has a tradition of training and training qualified professionals for the market.

Have in mind: each young person who goes through this experience becomes more prepared and confident to face professional challenges. 

Legal obligation for companies

Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success - Source: Freepik
Senac young apprentice: your path to professional success – Source: Freepik

Brazilian legislation, more specifically the Apprenticeship Law (Law No. 10,097/2000), determines that medium and large companies reserve 5% to 15% of their vacancies for apprentices. 

Through this law, organizations need to contribute to the training of new professionals, qualifying them and opening up space to gain experience in the company's area of activity. Senac comes in as a partner essential in this process, being responsible for offering education aligned with market needs.

Detailed information about the validity of these standards is available on several platforms; It's worth checking to ensure that, when you become an apprentice, everything will be done legally. 

Hiring and training process at Senac

For a company to hire a young apprentice, it needs to follow some important steps. First, its search is for young people who meet the program's requirements, such as being between 14 and 24 years old, enrolled and attending school, or having completed high school. 

After selection, she forwards the young person to Senac, where he will have access to a course that combines practice and theory. At the institution, the young apprentice will receive a quality professional education, preparing them both for the reality of the company and to develop a solid and prosperous career. 

The courses offered cover various areas of activity, enabling the apprentice to develop skills relevant to the trade or sectors of interest. At the end of the course, he will be better prepared to position himself in the market and contribute to the growth of the company that welcomed him as an apprentice.

How companies can participate

For a company to participate in the Senac Young Apprentice program, the first step is to contact the institution, which can be done directly at one of the physical units or through official communication channels, such as the website or telephone. 

Senac will provide all the necessary information on how the company can integrate the program, including details about the courses available, the apprentice recruitment and selection process and appropriate referral. 

This relationship between company and institution is essential so that everything occurs as stipulated by legislation and so that learning objectives and theoretical and practical training are achieved.

Clarification of Doubts

If you have any doubts about the Senac Young Apprentice program, you don't need to worry, it's natural to have questions about how to participate, the courses offered, how the learning program works and many other details. 

To this end, Senac provides communication channels to clarify any questions that may arise and you can contact the nearest unit by phone or email. 

It is also possible to access the institution's portal, where there is a section dedicated to the program, including an FAQ with frequently asked questions, which can be a practical way to find answers. However, if you prefer, a visit to the unit to speak directly with a counselor is also an excellent option.


Finally, know that the more informed you are, the better your experience in the Senac Young Apprentice program will be. Your participation in the program directly contributes to the job market, as it enables you to develop professional skills that companies need. 

By training young talents, Senac's regional departments play a fundamental role in promoting employment and economic development. 

As for you, you won't just gain a work contract, but the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to become a qualified professional prepared for the challenges of the future!

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