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SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry


Carol Torres


SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry

Are you thinking about taking a big step in your professional career while you are in training? If you are looking for an opportunity that can open doors to the job market, you need to discover the SENAI Young Apprentice program.

SENAI is a reference in professional education, playing an important role in Brazil's industrial development and the SENAI Young Apprentice program is an initiative that highlights this commitment, preparing young people for the market with quality training.

If you want to better understand how the program makes a difference in the professional trajectory of young people and helps shape the future of the industry, let's detail the importance of industrial learning and the opportunities offered by SENAI. 

Quick answer

To start a career in the industry on the right foot, the SENAI Young Apprentice program is an excellent choice. It combines theoretical classes with practice in companies, leaving you ready for the job market. With a focus on technology and innovation, SENAI prepares you with recognized training and also offers opportunities for free courses for those who have more financial difficulties. If you are between 14 and 24 years old, don't miss the chance to grow professionally with this valuable experience.

The importance of industrial learning at SENAI

SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry - Source: Reproduction
SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry – Source: Reproduction

At SENAI, qualification is designed to meet the current needs of the industry, providing both technical knowledge and practical skills that will be essential in your day-to-day professional life.

When choosing the institution to begin your journey as a young apprentice, you have the chance to develop in an environment that simulates the real industrial sector, and this practical experience will be combined with theoretical classes, creating a complete overview of what is required by companies. 

Don't forget that the industry is constantly evolving and being up to date with the latest trends and technologies is an advantage. It is worth noting that, by becoming an apprentice, you also develop important socio-emotional skills, such as teamwork and problem solving, which are highly valued in the market. 

Industrial Learning Program

Aimed at young people aged 14 to 24, the industrial apprenticeship program is a great gateway to the job market, combining theoretical knowledge with practice in partner companies.

The courses vary in duration depending on the chosen area, allowing young people to learn while they graduate. It is important to inform that the program follows CLT regulations, ensuring the labor rights of participants.

Professional certification

When completing a course at SENAI, you receive a professional certification recognized throughout the country, showing companies that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the industrial sector.

Know that certification is a competitive differentiator in the job market, as it proves that you have professional qualifications, also influencing when it comes to being chosen by companies looking for excellent professionals.

SENAI talent bank

With SENAI's talent pool, your chances of getting a good job increase, as it acts as a bridge between you and industries looking for qualified professionals.

Free training

There are also free training projects at the institution, which contribute to social inclusion, allowing people with fewer financial resources to have access to quality education, improving their chances in the job market.

Another strong point of free training is that it allows training to reach a greater number of young people, thus SENAI fulfills its social role, helping to create a fairer job market with better opportunities for everyone.

Technology and inovation

When it comes to technology and innovation, SENAI is always at the forefront, and this is reflected in the courses, which incorporate the latest practices and tools in the industrial sector, such as the fundamentals of Industry 4.0.

With institutes and technology centers spread across the country, it investigates and develops new solutions for the challenges of modern industry, so you can learn in an environment that is a reflection of the current market.

Inclusion in SENAI

SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry - Source: Freepik
SENAI Young Apprentice: your gateway to the industry – Source: Freepik

The institution is not limited to offering quality education; is also concerned with ensuring that this opportunity is accessible to everyone through special programs, seeking to include different social groups.

These inclusion efforts translate into tailored courses and specific supports that help ensure success for all students, regardless of their individual challenges. If you are interested in being part of the SENAI Young Apprentice program and think you might have difficulties, don't worry, SENAI has options and help for you.

For example, some courses offer Libra interpreters and teaching materials in Braille for deaf or visually impaired students, showing that communication should not stop you from learning a profession. Another effort is to ensure that the units are accessible spaces, with infrastructure that meets the needs of all learners.

Find the nearest SENAI unit

To find out where the SENAI unit is closest to you, the process is very simple: just access the institution's website and search for the unit search tool, there, when typing your city or zip code, you will find all the necessary information, such as address, courses offered and contact. 

This makes it easy to organize yourself to visit a unit and answer all your questions about the Young Apprentice program and other available training. Check it out today and see how accessible the path is to starting your training in the industry!

Testimonials and success stories

Knowing stories from those who have already walked the path you are considering can be very inspiring, right? In the testimonials and success stories section, we will share experiences from former students and companies that benefited from this partnership.

One case that stands out is that of Ana Carolina, who entered the institution at the age of 16 as an apprentice in a clothing industry. “The program gave me the foundation I needed to understand the world of industrial fashion and become a successful designer,” she says. Today, at 23 years old, Ana already has her own studio and is grateful to SENAI.

In the business scenario, many companies highlight the value that young apprentices bring to the workplace. Metalúrgica HB, for example, has a long partnership with SENAI and has already hired several apprentices. According to the production manager, young people are motivated and bring a renewing energy, which optimizes processes.


Participate in the SENAI Young Apprentice program It is a true immersion in the industry and a valuable investment in your professional training

Finishing the course and entering the industrial sector with the knowledge that SENAI offers puts you in a privileged position. Furthermore, the market recognizes the value of the training you received, opening doors to various job opportunities.

Therefore, if you are between 14 and 24 years old and are interested in taking a promising direction for your career, it is worth checking out open positions and participating in the program's selection processes!

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