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Application for watching Doramas – Discover the 5 best options!


Carol Torres


Application for watching Doramas - Discover the 5 best options!

Dramas have been gaining more and more space and winning hearts around the world. Brazil already ranks first in the Americas and third in the world in terms of audience for these productions! This made the search for a good Application to watch Dramas increased a lot.

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With this growing demand from Dorama lovers, several applications were developed with the aim of allowing the titles to be monitored, also enabling anyone to have access to the content.

If you are part of this global community of fans, read on to discover the best apps and choose the one that best meets your needs! 

What is Drama?

Application for watching Doramas - Discover the 5 best options! - Source: Freepik
Application for watching Doramas – Discover the 5 best options! – Source: Freepik

These series stand out for their high-quality narratives and production, bringing a unique look at everyday life and human dilemmas. 

They generally address cultural differences and different standards of beauty, which makes these productions fascinating for international audiences, especially Brazilians. 

Its rise can be attributed to the “hallyu”, or “Korean wave”, which began in the 1990s and was created by the South Korean government, which invested significantly in production as a strategy to increase the economy and create jobs.

List of the best apps to watch Dramas


Viki is a drama and Asian content platform, known for its active community and subtitle options provided by users. With a library that includes popular titles, Viki stands out for providing an authentic cultural experience. 

A notable feature of Viki is the social interaction allowed on the platform, where users can comment and discuss episodes in real time.

The application is available for both Android and iOS devices and has more than 50 million downloads, being highly rated by users.


Netflix stands out for being one of the main streaming platforms in the world. There, users can enjoy a huge library of films and series, including Korean dramas.

The platform has invested more than 600 million dollars in Korean productions, further expanding the reach and influence of these series on a global scale. If you value having several options and want to be up to date with all the latest news, checking out the Netflix drama catalog is a good option.

It is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including Android and iOS and already has more than 1 billion downloads.


Recently, a new name has caught the attention of lovers of Korean dramas: Kocowa. This is an application especially aimed at those who love genre productions and are looking for a vast catalog of options. 

The platform offers a streaming service that stands out for its focus on series from South Korea, featuring a collection of trending titles, as well as varied programs, including popular K-pop shows.

Kocowa ensures that fans don't miss any releases and, to this end, makes its series available with regular updates. The app is available for Android and iOS, and has more than 1 million downloads.


WeTV is a platform that has become popular for offering a huge selection of content such as Asian films and series, as well as dramas. Recently, the app expanded its catalog to include productions from various parts of Asia, making it an attractive choice for fans of Asian entertainment around the world.

The application stands out for its frequent content updates and for having an intuitive interface. And it doesn't stop there, WeTv also has features such as creating favorites lists, personalized recommendations and support for multiple languages, increasing its accessibility to a global audience.

It is currently available for both Android and iOS and already has more than 100 million downloads. 


You've probably heard of Crunchyroll when it comes to anime, right? But what you may not know is that the app is also an excellent place to watch dramas. 

Crunchyroll has increased its catalog and now also embraces fans of Asian series. It stands out for containing active forums and promoting events with the aim of bringing fans even closer, in addition, the platform also has a collectible accessories store.

The app already has more than 100 million downloads and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of apps for watching Dramas

Application for watching Doramas - Discover the 5 best options! - Source: Freepik
Application for watching Doramas – Discover the 5 best options! – Source: Freepik

Using an app to follow Korean dramas can be very convenient, you have the freedom to watch your favorite episodes at any time, this is great for those who have a busy routine and want to make the most of every free moment. 

On the other hand, watching dramas through apps can have some disadvantages. Subscription costs can be heavy on your pocket, depending on the service you choose; Another issue is the need to always be connected to the internet, which can be a problem when you are in areas with limited coverage.

Unfortunately, not all applications have subtitles in Portuguese, this ends up being a problem for those who do not speak another language, but still want to follow the productions. 

When choosing the application, take your needs into account and, of course, the practicality of having your list of dramas always at hand is a very positive point for those who love these stories.


As you have seen, there are several options, each with its own particularities, catalogs and features, to make your experience with Asian series even better. 

Remember that the best app for watching dramas is the one that fits your personal preferences and routine. It could be one that offers a vast catalogue, the option with subtitles in Portuguese or even a free streaming service.

We hope that the information has helped you understand better about each application and that you find the one that best suits your way of being a fan. Now that you have the tools, just prepare the popcorn, arrange the cushions and indulge in the emotions of the dramas!

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