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Free glasses through the SUS: who is entitled and how to get them?


Carol Torres


Free glasses through SUS who is entitled and how to get them

Did you know that it is possible to get free glasses through the SUS? O Unified Health System (SUS), is a network that covers everything from emergencies to eye health care. Ophthalmological assistance is part of this care and can greatly help those who need glasses but cannot afford them.

Prescription glasses are essential for many people to read, work, study and, above all, see better. With adequate guidance and compliance with the necessary requirements, it is possible to improve your vision at no cost, thanks to the resources available through the SUS. 

Continue reading to understand who is eligible and what the basic requirements are for you to acquire your prescription glasses at no cost.

Quick answer

Do you want to know how to get free prescription glasses through the SUS? It's simple! First, make an appointment with the ophthalmologist at your Basic Health Unit. After the appointment, if you need glasses, get the prescription and take it to the SUS Regulation Center. They will process your order and contact you when your glasses are ready for pickup. Meanwhile, gather important documents, such as ID and proof of residence, to ensure that the process is smooth and quick.

Who has the right to use SUS?

Free glasses through SUS – Source: Reproduction

The Unified Health System (SUS) is one of the largest public health systems in the world. It was created to ensure that every Brazilian, born or naturalized, as well as foreigners residing in the country, have full, universal and free access to health services of all complexities.

The idea of SUS is to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, no matter where they live or their financial condition. This is the universality of the SUS, which ensures that services are available to you and everyone who needs them.

How to get prescription glasses through the SUS?

Patients who require prescription glasses undergo an ophthalmological consultation at the SUS, where the diagnosis and prescription of the necessary prescription are made. The patient then receives a voucher that can be used at an accredited optician to purchase the glasses for free.

  • Schedule an appointment at the nearest Basic Health Unit (UBS): go to the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in your neighborhood with your ID and SUS card in hand and ask to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist;
  • Attend your scheduled eye appointment: on the scheduled day, take the necessary documentation and talk to the doctor about your visual needs;
  • Receive your glasses prescription: after the doctor carries out tests during the consultation, he will give a prescription with the specifications of the necessary corrective lenses;
  • Take the prescription to the SUS Regulation Center: with your prescription in hand, go to the Regulation Center so they can start the glasses request process;
  • Wait for contact to remove your glasses: After the request is processed, you will be contacted to collect your prescription glasses.

Ophthalmological consultation is a guaranteed right and the SUS Regulation Center performs an essential function, directing patients to obtain the necessary glasses for visual correction.

During your consultation, your doctor will evaluate your eye health and determine whether you need prescription glasses. You should be aware that availability and waiting times may vary depending on the city or region in which you are located.

It's good to know that, although the process may seem complex, the SUS is structured to offer prescription glasses in an organized way. Rest assured that, by following the steps, you will have the support you need to improve your visual health.

Necessary documents

  • RG (General Registration)
  • Medical prescription specifying corrective lenses
  • National Health Card (SUS Card)
  • CPF (Individual Person Registration)
  • Voter registration card (for people over 18 years old)
  • Updated proof of residence
  • For minors, it is also necessary to present the birth certificate or ID and CPF.

If you are in a special situation, such as living in a shelter or not having proof of fixed residence, rest assured you can still get your free glasses.

In these cases, you may be asked to provide a declaration of housing provided by the shelter or, if you are renting a place to live without a formal contract, a copy of the rental contract may be accepted as proof of residency.

Having all documentation up to date facilitates assistance and guarantees the speed of the process of requesting your prescription glasses through the SUS.

Where to buy your prescription glasses at popular prices?

Free glasses through SUS - Source: Reproduction
Free glasses through SUS – Source: Reproduction

In Brazil, there are social programs such as Ótica Cidadã and Ótica Solidária. These programs are partnerships between the government and local opticians to provide lenses and frames at a lower cost. Is significant help for those who need visual correction and are looking for a more affordable option.

To choose the lenses and frames for these programs, you will have to go to an optical store that has an agreement with the SUS. If you are wondering how to find these optics that are supported, contact the Call the health line, at number 136.

They will be able to guide you and provide information about the participating opticians closest to you. Making this call could be the first step to taking care of your eye health without having to invest a lot.

Common questions

Does the request take a long time?

When you request your prescription glasses through SUS, in most cases, after your order is approved, the glasses can be ready for collection within 30 days. But it is worth remembering that this deadline may change slightly depending on where where you live and also the demand that health units in your region are facing.

Be aware that several things can influence the waiting time for your glasses. Some regions of Brazil may have a faster process, while others may take a little longer, especially if many people are requesting glasses at the same time. Details like the type of lenses and frames you need can also make a difference.

How to check the status of your glasses order through SUS?

After requesting your prescription glasses, if you want to check that everything is going well with your order, you can visit the health unit where the order was placed and ask for an update on the status of your request. They will be able to inform you about the stage at which the order is and what is needed to get everything ready.

Another way to follow the process is to contact the SUS Regulation Center, responsible for forwarding requests. With the protocol number that was given to you at the time of the request, you can check the status of your request.

It is worth remembering that, if any information or documents are missing, this could delay the delivery of your glasses. Therefore, it is important that you check all the details and make sure you delivered everything correctly. 


The possibility of obtaining prescription glasses free of charge through the SUS is excellent news for many Brazilians who need vision correction, but find themselves in challenging financial situations. 

This service highlights SUS's commitment to the comprehensive health of citizens, guaranteeing not only access to medical treatments, but also to resources that significantly improve individuals' quality of life.

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