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Free SENAC hairdressing course: find out how to sign up and participate


Carol Torres


Free SENAC hairdressing course

SENAC stands out for offering a hairdressing course with widely recognized certification, meaning that upon completing the course, you will have a seal of quality that can open doors in the job market.

Furthermore, SENAC offers excellent opportunities for those who wish to enter this area, but who do not have the financial resources to invest in professional training.

Studying online brings several benefits, including the possibility of combining your studies with other essential demands of your daily life. Continue reading to find out more information.

Requirements and registration

SENAC hairdressing course - Source: Unsplash
SENAC hairdressing course – Source: Unsplash

The registration process is very simple, but it is important to pay attention to the prerequisites. Generally, it is necessary to have completed elementary school II and be at least 18 years old, but this may vary depending on the SENAC unit.

You need to pay attention to deadlines, as they are crucial to not miss this incredible opportunity. You will also need to gather some documentation and finally, follow the registration instructions carefully, every detail counts to guarantee your place.

Required documentation

To enroll in the course, you must have some documentation. Are they:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of education.

PSG selection process

The Senac Free Program – PSG aims to guarantee access to quality professional education for people whose monthly per capita family income does not exceed two minimum wages.

Low income status will be attested through self-declaration in accordance with the law, made using a single model, as available in the list of attachments on the website.

Registration for the hairdressing course can be done on the SENAC website or at the unit itself. It is important to check the availability of vacancies in the desired region and find out about registration deadlines. 

Course structure

Program content

The SENAC hairdressing course program has a wide variety of techniques and skills necessary to practice the profession. The program content includes:

  • Sanitize, dry, brush, curl, unravel/raise and style hair;
  • Hydrate and rebuild hair;
  • Make hairstyles: up, semi-up and loose;
  • Cut men's and women's hair;
  • Color, discolor, pickle and partially depigment the hair;
  • Apply hair curling techniques;
  • Use visagism techniques;
  • Organize workspace, purchase materials and store products;
  • Serve and retain customers;
  • Pricing your work;
  • Plan and manage your career;
  • Act in accordance with biosafety standards;


The Hairdressing Course offered by SENAC is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to enter the field. It is free and has a workload of 400 hours, and you must have completed primary education and be over 18 years old to participate.

Professional activity and market

SENAC hairdressing course - Source: Unsplash
SENAC hairdressing course – Source: Pexels

The beauty sector in Brazil is one of the fastest growing, a factor that directly reflects the demand for increasingly qualified professionals and, consequently, gradually expands employment opportunities.

According to data from the Brazilian Association of the Toiletries, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC), entrepreneurship in the sector contributes to the creation of approximately 5.6 million jobs. Between 2021 and 2022, there was a growth of 9.6% in job offers, resulting in around 13,400 new vacancies.

Among the most prominent professions in this sector is hairdressing. It allows you to work both in beauty salons and independently. Many experts in the field see entrepreneurship as a chance to open their own business and achieve financial independence.

Skills developed

During the course, you will develop some important techniques that a hairdresser must have, including:

  • Haircut;
  • Colorimetry;
  • Hair treatment;
  • Hairstyles and finishes;
  • Washing techniques;

It is worth remembering that the content and techniques learned are not limited to what was mentioned above. You will also learn interpersonal skills such as:

  • Efficiency in customer service;
  • Professional ethics;
  • Health and safety;

Benefits of the free course

SENAC stands out for offering a hairdressing course with a widely recognized certification, meaning that upon completing the course, you will have a seal of quality that can open doors in the beauty market.

SENAC's infrastructure is a real differentiator. Equipped classrooms and modern laboratories allow you to practice and perfect your skills in an environment that simulates the day-to-day life of a beauty salon. 

Furthermore, this course is a springboard for those seeking financial independence and professional growth. With experienced teachers and a valuable network of contacts, you will have everything you need to shine in the profession and create a successful path.

How to validate the certificate

The certificate issued by SENAC is recognized throughout the national territory and is a guarantee that the student has the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a professional hairdresser. To validate the certificate, the student must follow the following steps:

If you are unable to validate your certificate in this way or if there is any problem with validation, it is recommended that you contact the SENAC unit where the course was held directly and have all relevant information available, including your certificate and course details. .

It is important to highlight that the certificate is valid for two years, and after this period the student must complete a refresher course to update their knowledge and renew their certificate.


For those who want to stand out as a hairdresser, it is necessary to master a variety of skills, and SENAC focuses on developing versatile professionals, capable of meeting different demands and adapting to new trends. 

From modern cuts to advanced coloring techniques, being up to date with the latest news is a competitive advantage. And the course is precisely designed to help students understand what is trending in the world of beauty. 

A golden tip is to practice, practice and practice. It's not enough to just attend classes; It's essential to get your hands dirty, as practice makes perfect and, in this case, an impressive portfolio.

I hope this information helps you in your decisions and contributes to the training of future professionals!

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