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Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours


Carol Torres


Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours

The CRLV (Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate) is an essential document for vehicle owners in Brazil, proving that the vehicle is registered and licensed, in addition to containing important information about the vehicle and its owner. 

Previously, the document was issued on paper, but now it is possible to obtain it digitally, having the same legal validity as the printed document. The issuance process may vary slightly from state to state, but usually involves confirming vehicle and owner information. 

It is a convenient and safe option for vehicle owners, as it not only avoids the need to carry a printed document, but is also more difficult to forge or lose. Continue reading to find out more information!

What is CRLV Digital

Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours - Source: Reproduction
Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours – Source: Reproduction

The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV) is a mandatory document for all motor vehicle owners in Brazil and its digital version is an alternative to the printed version that has the same legal validity.

Benefits of the electronic version

This version brings a series of benefits to vehicle owners, such as: 

  • Ease of access: can be accessed directly via smartphone or other mobile devices, without the need to print or transport the physical document;
  • Security: it is protected by a series of security mechanisms, such as data encryption and biometric authentication, making the document more secure than the printed version;
  • Sharing: can be shared with up to five drivers, allowing more than one person to use the same vehicle.

Comparison with the printed version

Although the printed version, its digital version has several advantages over the physical document. In addition to those already mentioned, the electronic version is more practical and economical, as it avoids the need to print and transport the physical document.

How to obtain CRLV Digital

The CRLV Digital can be obtained easily and quickly through the DENATRAN Services Portal and, to do so, the vehicle owner must meet some requirements and follow a few steps.

Requirements for individuals and legal entities

Both individuals and legal entities can have the electronic document. In the case of an individual, you must have the CRV security code and the Renavam number, and you must download the Digital Traffic Card application on your cell phone.

In the case of a legal entity, you must enter and select the ICP-Brasil Digital Certificate. On the home screen, click on My Vehicles and then the vehicles registered in the name of the legal entity will be displayed, then click on the desired vehicle and then download the CRLV.

Step by step on the DENATRAN service portal

To obtain CRLV Digital, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Services Portal DENATRAN;
  2. Click on “Vehicles” and then on “Registered Vehicles”;
  3. Enter the Renavam number and the CPF of the owner or CNPJ of the company;
  4. Click on “Consult”;
  5. Click on “Download CRLV Digital”;
  6. Choose the document format and click “Download”.

Ready! It will be downloaded and can be saved on your cell phone or printed to be used as an official transit document. It is worth remembering that the document is valid throughout the national territory and eliminates the need to carry the physical document.

Use and sharing of CRLV-e

Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours - Source: Reproduction
Digital CRLV: what it is and how to get yours – Source: Reproduction

Offline access and security

One of its advantages is that it can be accessed offline, that is, without the need for an internet connection, and this is possible thanks to the CRV security code, printed on the physical document and used to validate the authenticity of the CRLV Digital.

It is also protected by an access password, which must be created by the owner when using the application for the first time. 

Sharing with third parties

The vehicle owner can share the CRLV-e with other people, such as family or friends, through the CDT application. To do this, the other person must also have the application installed on their device and be registered on the platform.

As previously stated, sharing can be done with up to 5 people and is an interesting option for those who need to lend the vehicle to others.

Support and frequently asked questions

It is normal for vehicle owners to have some questions and need support to access and use the electronic document. Fortunately, there are service channels available to help users resolve their problems.

DETRAN and SERPRO service channels

The State Department of Traffic (DETRAN) is the main entity responsible for issuing the CRLV Digital, therefore, the agency offers support to users who need help, being possible to contact via telephone 0800-020-4042 or email -mail.

SERPRO, the company responsible for the technology behind CRLV Digital, also provides a customer service channel for users, you can get in touch via phone 0800-728-2324 or email


As you have seen, the digital version of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, the Digital CRLV, is a useful and necessary option to the physical document. The biggest benefit, of course, is having it always on hand, without the risk of losing it.

We hope these tips were useful and helped you get the digital version of your document without complications and quickly!

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